globellColor – For Photographers

A calibrated monitor that shows an image’s true colors is a prerequisite for any type of digital image editing.

Only a perfectly calibrated monitor ensures that your images are correctly displayed. Seeing your pictures in true colors for professional photographs and high quality images.

If you want your images to appear just as brilliant in print as they do on your screen, then you need a color calibration tool. The good news? Today, this hardware comes at a very affordable price.

globellColor – For Creative Minds & Designers

Thanks to globellColor, creative professionals can focus entirely on their work, safe in the knowledge that their equipment is correctly calibrated.

It’s finally here: globellColor delivers professional screen calibration at an affordable price. There is no longer any excuse for putting up with less-than-perfect monitor settings.

globellColor – For Professionals

Professional users and service providers save both time and money by eliminating unnecessary correction cycles.

When developing the software, we focused on making it as easy to use as possible, without forcing more experienced users to give up on an even greater range of possibilities.

globellColor – For Everyone

Videographers, gamers and movie fans – in fact anyone using monitors and computer screens – can effortlessly enjoy colors that are true to life.

Without our decades of experience in the field of color management, photography and monitor calibration, as well as the expertise of partners such as Meyer-Optik Görlitz, we would not have achieved our ambitious goal: To enable the best possible calibration results through the most easy-to-use tool and perfect workmanship. Today, we are pleased with the result! We know you will be, too.

globellColor is the result of months of development by the Globell team and other experts in the field of color management. Globell’s close relationship with its customers has allowed the company to amass a great deal of experience in recent years. We now want to repay those customers with this professional yet affordable product.


Natural colors on all monitors and in printed photos: the globellColor product range makes color management simpler, better and faster. In order to get the word out to an international audience, Globell has started a worldwide Kickstarter campaign at